Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Jamie Furgason

From the first time Jamie waded through the creek in her backyard to check out all of the cool critters living in it, she knew that she needed to be out in nature. Jamie brings local knowledge and a creative approach to CBBEL environmental projects. As an environmental resource specialist, she performs wetland and natural area assessments and delineations, as well as mitigation design and monitoring. Jamie is also responsible for vegetative monitoring and flora inventories for environmental assessment.  Below she tells us why it is she loves what she does and why she loves doing it here at Burke.

1. What are you most passionate about in this job?

I am a huge outdoors person and love being able to work outside in the field. I always told myself I didn’t want to have a desk job and being an environmental resource specialist at Burke allows me the opportunity to have the job I have always wanted.

2. Other people don’t find this exciting, so why do you?

This question coincides with the previous question. It’s a great feeling to go to work and not feel like you are at work. I have been able to travel all over the state of Indiana and see the different types of landscapes and some really beautiful natural areas.

3. Why is working for Burke different than anywhere else?

At Burke they are always pushing us to further our career and are extremely supportive in providing training opportunities and allowing us to attend conferences to do so. They also support cross-training within different departments. When I was originally hired at Burke, I started in the business development department. I made it clear that I had an interest doing wetland/environmental work with the firm and had a background in biology; Burke provided me with the support/training that was needed and allowed me to transition to the regulatory services department.

4. How long have you been doing your thing?

I started with the company in April of 2008 and transitioned to the regulatory services department in 2012.

5. What, in your opinion, is the most important take away for your clients?

The permitting process doesn’t have to be scary! We work closely with our clients to come up with a variety of options/alternatives when permitting seems to get “tricky.” We have developed good, strong relationships with the regulatory agencies to make the 401/404 permitting process as smooth and stress free as possible for our clients.

6. If you could be any natural feature, what would you be and why?

I would be a blue flag iris. This plant is usually found in high-quality wetland areas. The flower has a deep purple to blue color which is my favorite!