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Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Al Walus

With 36 years of experience in the design and construction of large scale industrial and public works projects, Al taps his diverse experience to seek sustainable solutions for the infrastructure challenges facing businesses and communities. His experience includes managing capital improvement projects; collaborative planning, funding and implementing watershed restoration and improvement projects; and project management, […]

Flood Resilience Planning – A Starting Point for Critical Infrastructure Protection

In our busy day-to-day lives, few of us think about the critical infrastructure that makes our way of life possible. We don’t recognize the interconnectedness of the roads we drive on, the places we work and learn and which provide our medical care, or the facilities that power all those places. And rarely, if ever, […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Jason Durr

Jason Durr is a South Bend area native, a golf-pro wannabe, and an expert at getting into a canoe. As the design team lead for CBBEL’s office in South Bend, he spends his time working with clients to create solutions for drainage and transportation projects. He has 20 years of civil engineering experience in both […]

Wetlands Exist in a Dynamic Regulatory Landscape that May Soon Change Again

Wetland regulation can be confusing, and with the changing political landscape, it’s likely to become even more so in the near future. Sarah Wright, an Environmental Resource Specialist with Christopher Burke Engineering and twelve-year veteran of wetlands consulting, offers guidance on how to navigate the waters of wetland regulation in Indiana for landowners interested in […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Jamie Furgason

From the first time Jamie waded through the creek in her backyard to check out all of the cool critters living in it, she knew that she needed to be out in nature. Jamie brings local knowledge and a creative approach to CBBEL environmental projects. As an environmental resource specialist, she performs wetland and natural […]

New guidance available soon to help communities reduce the risks of fluvial erosion hazards

Indiana’s cities and towns work hard to protect their communities from the hazards associated with flooding. They study flood maps and develop ordinances to limit the potentially devastating impacts that flooding can have on their residents. But, it’s not just floodwaters that are worrisome. Fluvial erosion – the erosion caused by flowing water and moving […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Heather Buck

Resource planner Heather Buck has always had an affinity for water, having first studied it through a microscope at a very early age. At CBBEL, she has conducted many chemical, physical, and biological water quality assessments for various types of projects. She also flexes her public meeting muscles, leading many education and outreach programs in […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Jeff Fox

A Boilermaker through and through, Jeff Fox studied engineering and surveying at Purdue University and is a civil engineer in CBBEL’s Indianapolis office. He is an integral part of our award-winning design team, working closely with both private and public sector clients. He likes to dig deep to find the root of the problem and […]

Expert Advice for MS4 Construction and Post-construction Program Improvement

Entities regulated as municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) vary greatly in their progress on construction and post-construction program implementation.  According to Heather Buck, Resource Planner for Christopher B. Burke Engineering (CBBEL), many are still struggling with how to improve on what they are currently doing to meet all the Rule 13 requirements. Recently, Buck […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Matt Rummel

Matt Rummel is CBBEL’s GIS guru. When he isn’t out golfing, he applies his unmatched expertise to a variety of planning and engineering projects including site design, wetland rehabilitation, flood zone delineations, land use planning, and ditch reconstruction. Matt performs cross-platform integration of digital data and online research and also obtains digital mapping and statistical […]