Seymour Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


Seymour, IN

Time Period

2012 - 2013

Project Description

For several years, Seymour’s residents and city staff have wanted to create a bicycle and pedestrian network throughout the city. Many volunteer-based efforts over the years have led to bicycle-specific language in the updated zoning ordinance as well as bike lanes painted on a few of the city streets. The city wanted to build on these efforts by creating a plan to lay the foundation for a well-connected network of sidewalks, trails and bike lanes for residents and visitors alike. CBBEL worked closely with the trail committee to expand people’s perceptions and habits, create connectivity, and provide safe pedestrian routes for everyone.

CBBEL facilitated meetings to engage the public in an interactive planning process that identified routes and locations for pedestrian facilities and encouraged them to look at walking and bicycling as a form of transportation as well as recreation. The resulting plan presented projects that can be realistically implemented over time and also can be integrated into other city efforts.


  • Interactive planning process through public meetings
  • Worked to change people’s perceptions and habits, encouraging them to walk and bike in and around the city for recreation and transportation purposes
  • Provided connectivity solutions to the places people want to go
  • Created a network of safe pedestrian routes
  • Presented an implementation plan for multiple realistic projects