Muncie North Central Levee FEMA Certification Study


Muncie, IN

Time Period


Project Description

Constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in the 1940s, the Muncie North Central Levee is an earthen embankment along the right bank of West Fork White River. The levee needs to be certified to meet FEMA’s requirements for their flood insurance rate map updates. In addition, the levee system needs improvements to maintain an active status in the USACE rehabilitation program.

CBBEL is conducting a feasibility study to bring the levee up to FEMA’s criteria for certification. In addition to researching existing reports, records and other pertinent data, the CBBEL team is conducting a field inspection, performing a freeboard analysis and an interior drainage analysis, evaluating current conditions, and developing alternatives for improvements. The team is using a hand-held GPS unit and GPS camera for the inspection, which will deliver the information in a digital format to the Muncie Sanitary District.


  • Reviewing plans, reports, records, and other pertinent data
  • Conducting field inspection
  • Evaluating current system conditions
  • Performing freeboard analysis to determine if the levee crest is high enough to meet FEMA requirements
  • Performing and interior drainage analysis to identify areas of residual flooding
  • Developing alternatives to construct a tie-back levee
  • Preparing conceptual opinions of probable cost for necessary improvements