Kokomo Waterworks Reservoir No. 2 Dam Rehabilitation


Kokomo, IN

Time Period

2012 - 2013

Project Description

The Kokomo Waterworks Reservoir No. 2 Dam is a high-hazard dam east of Kokomo. After completing an initial dam safety inspection, CBBEL determined the dam’s overall condition was considered “conditionally poor” based on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) rating criteria. The rehabilitation project served as a way to bring the dam into compliance with IDNR requirements.

The scope of work consisted of raising the south half of the concrete ogee spillway to match the existing crest elevation of the north half, injecting epoxy grout into the existing cracks, removing and repairing unsound concrete with shotcrete, installing additional revetment riprap to the upstream slope and areas adjacent to the concrete abutments, repairing erosion and sloughing on the upstream slope of the fuse plug embankment, replacing the valve stems and stem guides for the sluice gates, cleaning and repainting hand rails, repair of erosion and backfilling of animal burrows on the downstream slope of the main embankment, and cleaning and inspecting the internal drain system.


  • Dam safety inspection
  • Design of improvements to bring dam into compliance with IDNR requirements
  • Raised south half of spillway to match north half ’s crest elevation
  • Additional revetment riprap
  • Repairs to erosion and sloughing on the embankment’s upstream slope
  • Sluice gate valve stem and stem guide replacement
  • Internal drain system inspection