Cummins Technical Center Flood Risk Reduction


Columbus, IN

Time Period


Project Description

Cummins hired CBBEL to design a levee/floodwall system to protect the Cummins Technical Center (CTC) which is located on the east bank of Haw Creek. The CTC experienced significant damage during a catastrophic flood in June 2008. CBBEL designed the new levee/ floodwall system with crest elevations two feet above the June 2008 flood elevations, which in this case exceeds the minimum Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements. The line of protection was comprised of approximately 1,150 feet of earthen levee and 1,100 feet of concrete floodwall.

An important component integrated into the line of protection was an automatic flood gate at the north entrance. The grade was designed intentionally to be lower at this location to permit passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The gate closure relies on the hydrostatic pressure of floodwaters to automatically raise a wall to the required protection grade to form a continuous line of protection.


  • Perforated toe drain system to collect groundwater seepage
  • Two dewatering wells to manage adjacent groundwater to reduce the likelihood of flooding the basement
  • Two pump stations to convey interior drainage runoff and groundwater seepage to Haw Creek via force mains
  • Newly-designed portions of existing storm sewer system to collect interior runoff and convey it to the pump stations, and also to prevent backflow from Haw Creek