Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Planning and Design

CBBEL has a long and successful history in analyzing and resolving water resource issues and preparing stormwater master plans throughout Indiana. Our work product is known for being unique to meet local needs and containing real, viable solutions. Where possible, solutions utilize natural and constructed green techniques to resolve water quality and water quantity problems. CBBEL’s strength is in our understanding of hydraulic and hydrologic characteristics of stormwater and the use of green infrastructure in urban areas to address problems.

CBBEL embraces green infrastructure to identify the most effective structural and/or non-structural green infrastructure solutions. Solutions range from the protection and enhancement of natural resource elements including wetlands, floodplains, and river corridors to site-specific runoff reduction practices such as bio-infiltration, permeable pavement, and rain water harvesting. For each solution identified, a triple bottom line assessment is completed to ensure the highest possible environmental, social, and economic benefit.

  • Bioretention facility planning and design
  • Green infrastructure hydrologic evaluations/runoff reduction studies
  • Riparian buffer restoration
  • Mini-park design and urban landscape development
  • Hardscape reduction planning and design
  • Stormwater quality planning
  • Water quality improvement plans