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The ripple effect: Riverfront improvement and development ideas for communities of all sizes

From the White River Vision Plan for Indianapolis and Hamilton County to the riverfront developments happening in Fort Wayne, communities in Indiana are re-establishing connections with the rivers that flow through their cities and towns. While many of these plans and projects are long-term and large-scale, many options exist for communities of all sizes to […]

Canoe to Work Day 2019

The eighth annual Canoe to Work Day – set for June 7, 2019 and hosted by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC (Burke) – will be part of a weeklong celebration of the White River including a pop-up public art project as well as free, public showings of locally produced and shot films about the river. […]

A Watershed Moment: Climate Change Considerations for Riverfront Developments

Last month marked the wettest February in central Indiana in 125 years and the fifth wettest one on record. While the effects of climate change may not be as noticeable to us Midwesterners as they are to our friends in the coastal areas, statistics like these—and data from our waterways—tell a significant story. According to […]

CBBEL Team Wins Excellence in Floodplain Management Award

In 2008, Indiana experienced a series of major flooding events of a scale that had not been seen in many years.  Resulting in three different federal disaster declarations and estimated total damages over $1 Billion. On September 6, 2018, during the annual Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (INAFSM) conference, the largest gathering of […]

Changes to Indiana’s Rule 5 Construction General Permit

There are changes coming to Indiana’s Environmental Rule 5 Construction General Permit (CGP). On May 23, 2018, IDEM notified the public of its intent to change the language in the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) to replace the permit-by-rule process with language to allow the agency to administratively issue its general permit. If adopted, this change […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Jim Pence

A new member of the CBBEL team, Jim brings nearly 30 years of experience in civil engineering and also land surveying. As a project manager with CBBEL’s engineering department, Jim leads project design and manages staffing to bring projects in on time and within budget. His background is rich in roadway and utility design for […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Mark Kaiser

As a construction engineer at CBBEL, Mark has worked on a variety of projects including drainage improvements, road reconstruction, sewer improvements, and stormwater conveyance improvements. He provides a wide range of support for our clients including construction observation and engineering services, cost estimates, permits, specifications, evaluating bond reductions and pay requests, and plan review. Earlier […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Lori Gates

As a senior resource planner, Lori is responsible for environmental assessments, studies, and regulatory compliance for water resources and environmental projects. She works closely with clients on municipal, construction and industrial storm water quality projects and permits to help them maintain compliance with the NPDES stormwater permit program. In addition to mastering all things MS4-related, […]

Why I’m passionate about my job | Meet Siavash Beik

Siavash is CBBEL’s principal engineer, meaning that, in addition to managing complex water resources projects, he also provides technical advice and guidance for other project managers. Over his nearly 40-year career, his work has spanned projects including federal, state, and local master planning, flood control, flood mitigation, stormwater and drainage projects, and dam and levee […]

Thinking of conducting your own construction inspection? You may want to read this first.

With the ever-rising costs of civil construction, municipalities feel the pressure to save on project costs wherever possible. And, often, the construction inspection process is the first place they look to reduce project costs. On large projects in particular – roadways, bridges, underground tunnels and sewer networks – the idea of handling the inspection process […]