Canoe to Work

CBBEL embraces Indiana waterways and supports sustainable planning and design solutions for the protection and enhancement of natural waterway resources including wetlands, floodplains, river corridors, lakes and more.

With waterways often at the core of our work at CBBEL, we are proud to celebrate Canoe to Work Day on the first Friday of June each year. As a vital part of our state, our Indiana waterways are arteries that provide for many benefits, including but not limited to jobs, recreational enjoyment, flood control, transportation, irrigation, hydropower generation and water supply.

In 2012, CBBEL launched Canoe to Work Day as a way to celebrate our waterways and have a bit of recreational fitness fun with our valued clients. Over the years the event has grown in popularity, with nearly 50 canoers and kayakers participating in 2018. This year, we extend an invitation to all of Central Indiana to grab their canoe, paddle and join the fun!

On Friday, June 7th, we will hop into Fall Creek to canoe commute to work as an alternative mode of transportation. The route will take us down Fall Creek into the White River, utilizing one of Indiana’s greatest waterway assets!

Regularly canoeing to work may not be a practical option for all, but having a special day to promote a fun healthful activity and highlight our state’s waterway resources reminds all of us to actively work to decrease pollution and get out and enjoy all Indiana has to offer.

For media inquiries, please call Pat Pickett at 317.501.8275.